Romain Rampa

I am a PhD Candidate at HEC Montreal. My thesis focus on how organizations organize themselves to develop innovation capabilities and the implication of these changes on the autonomy of professionals as well as on the coordination mechanisms of firms. Working mainly with qualitative methods, I mobilize ethnographic approaches, action research and case studies research. I have conducted several research projects in the field, in particular with large organizations: Hydro-Québec, Ubisoft, Michelin or Salomon for instance.


I am passionate about innovation management and design theories. In particular, I am keen to better understand the cognitive and social processes throughout the idea’s life cycle, which allow new ideas to emerge, develop, be valued and implemented.

For me, teaching and research are inextricably linked. I always try to convey my interest and passion for concepts, methodologies and theories to my students. It is in part through my research with different organizations that I am able to make their learning tangible, anchoring it in stories and narratives that help them better understand both the practical applications and the issues that keep managers up at night. But it is also in the classroom that I test and refine the presentation of my research results.

Portfolio overview

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My portfolio contains all my publications, including the most recent ones. Feel free to contact me to obtain my unpublished articles or to discuss the research topics I am working on.

Teaching and training

My teaching focuses mainly on innovation management, entrepreneurship and creativity management. I also provide training in various methodologies and tools including: Design thinking, C-K theory, Business models Canvas.

Ongoing projects

Ideation Processes and Dynamics of Organizations. Cohendet, P., Dupouet, O. , Naggar, R., Rampa, R.(Ongoing work)

Fostering ideas: How ideators build legitimacy in practice (Research in progress)

Organizations I worked with


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HEC Montreal
Montréal, Québec , Canada

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